Snow Report

Rider Level

Take a minute to evaluate where your skills are according to this guide. Making sure you are in the right lesson is the first step in enjoying yourself. If you are still not sure where you belong allow one of our teaching pros to help - We're here to make your snowboarding experience fun!

Level One: First snowboarding experience

You have: Never ridden before.

Outcome: Learn basic balance, stopping, and slight turning. Possibly learn to ride the Pony Tow (Surface handle tow).

Level Two: Better basics

You have: Mastered the basics of balance. May or may not be riding the Pony Tow.

Outcome: Learn how to stop and develop slight turns. Possibly learn to ride the Pony tow if you aren't already.

Level Three: Rounded Turns - Early Intermediate

You can: Ride the Pony or Bunny Tow. Easily make direction changes on easy beginner terrain (Pony or Bunny Slopes). Make rounded turns to control speed and direction with rounded but skidded turns on both the heel and toe side. You feel comfortable riding on the Pony or Bunny Slopes and are ready for a new challenge.

Outcome: Refine rounded turns on Pony or Bunny. Begin to control speed and direction with turns from both the toe and heel side. Possibly learn to ride the Chair Lift (you must purchase an All Area lift ticket to ride the Chair Lift - recommended).

Level Four: Advanced Rounded Turns - Intermediate

You can: Possibly ride the Chairlift and ride all green terrain. Speed is controlled by making linked rounded but skidded turns.

Outcome: Learn how to ride the Chairlift. Learn edge, pressure and rotary control movements to reduce skidding in turns, vary turn radius and control speed. Begin riding all Blue terrain. Continue to explore the mountain. Possibly begin easy surface freestyle maneuvers. Explore the mountain.

Level Five: Advanced Intermediate

You can: Ride all Blue terrain controlling speed and turn radius. Turns are more carved than skidded. Possibly able to perform some easier surface freestyle maneuvers.

Outcome: You now have the skills to fine tune the snowboard edge angle and combine with rotary and pressure control movements to produce carved turns. Learn surface freestyle maneuvers and basic freestyle jumps on appropriate terrain. Learn freestyle safety and etiquette. Begin to feel comfortable on all intermediate and some groomed Black (Expert) terrain.

Level Six: Advanced Rider

You can: Your turns are rounded and carved. You feel comfortable on all but the most challenging Black (Expert) terrain.

Outcome: To improve your rhythm and control. Develop better tactics for variable snow conditions and terrain features (Bumps, crud, powder, steeps). Refine basic surface freestyle maneuvers and basic freestyle jumps on appropriate terrain.